Intellectual Property & Technology

Intellectual Property & Technology

Our Intellectual Property and Technology Group offers a full range of legal services relating to the acquisition, enforcement and commercialization of intellectual property and technology assets.

Acquisition and defense of intellectual property assets are fundamental to the success of many businesses. IP issues should not be taken lightly. Our lawyers understand their importance. We handle cases involving all types of IP claims, including in combination with related claims of antitrust, contract disputes, unfair business practices and other causes of action.

As a full-service global corporate law firm, Argon Black provides a range of business legal services across four offices. We also provide access to exceptional U.S. lawyers in our first foreign office in Toronto. From acquisition and defence of intellectual property, we assist clients through all areas of intellectual property to ensure successful outcomes. .

We believe it is important for lawyers to understand the business implications of legal decisions. Our lawyers understand the technical and business aspects of your companies needs. This means our lawyers understand your business and are experienced in your specific industry.

Complex legal matters require expertise throughout various practice areas. Our Intellectual Property & Technology Group works closely with our other deal teams to ensure you receive the best representation possible. Bringing together unique legal expertise across our practice groups makes our services truly unique.

Most firms provide pre-packaged solutions to unique legal problems. Most intellectual property lawyers do not have the requisite business background to offer comprehensive legal advice. Argon Black lawyers participate in on-going management education to ensure that they understand the business implications of legal decisions. An understanding of your business ensures that our lawyers do not provide pre-packaged solutions. We provide truly tailored legal solutions for your business.


We provide copyright advisory to a wide range of clients, particularly in the online, publishing, entertainment and communications industries. Common copyright owners include mobile app developers, Internet technology providers, social media companies, software developers, broadcast and cable television networks, television and movie producers, recording artists and authors.

Trademarks & Branding

Our lawyers help clients in obtaining, protecting and enforcing trademarks in the United States and worldwide. Our IP and Technology practice group assists clients in:

  • Conducting and reviewing searches and investigations for trademark clearance
  • Preparing opinion letters
  • Filing and prosecuting trademark applications
  • Handling the prosecution and defense of trademark administrative proceedings
  • Monitoring and policing the use of trademarks by third parties
  • Providing general trademark and domain name counseling.

  • Our attornies also provide client advisory in brand management and enforcement. Counterfeiting is a global problem that impacts governments and businesses. Counterfeiting introduces unsafe and ineffective products into the marketplace. Our advisory helps clients reduce the negative consequences including lost tax revenues, income and jobs.


    Our intellectual property lawyers perform sophisticated reviews of patents on transactional matters. We offer a full-range of patent advisory including:

  • High-level analyzing target and competitor patents and unpatented technology
  • Performing “deep-dives” to review the background, scope, strengths and weaknesses of target and competitor patent portfolios
  • Analyzing patent and proprietary-technology protection strategies
  • Counseling clients regarding intellectual property monetization portfolio practices
  • Structuring various agreements with respect to the evaluated technology.
  • patent prospection and litigation
  • Trade Secrets

    Our experienced lawyers advise clients on complex trade secrets and confidential information matters, including first instance and breach of confidence litigation. We also provide counsel on cybersecurity preparation and crisis response, and perform risk-analysis for clients in M&A transactions.

    Patent Trial and Appeal Board

    We provide innovative approaches to Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) proceedings.

    PTAB proceedings at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) are complex and fast. They are guaranteed to complete within 12 months from institution. Argon Black helps petitioners and patent owners successfully navigate the PTAB’s complex procedural rules for Inter Partes Review (IPR), Post Grant Review (PGR) and Covered Business Method (CBM) proceedings.

    Hatch-Waxman Litigation

    Our team understands the strategic and tactical nuances of Hatch-Waxman cases. These cases require a particular subset of skills. Our attornies ensure you receive the best possible representation.

    Intellectual Property Appeals

    Exceptional advisory at appellate courts requires brilliant minds capable of understanding the nuances of appeals courts. Our help you navigate the most difficult cases and are at the forefront of the most significant issues in patent law.

    International Trade Commission (ITC)

    Our lawyers understand how to practice under the demanding ITC schedules. They are adept at working with clients to manage the burdens and complexities of ITC proceedings.